Take care of your fur
baby when you can't

Out of love for our dogs and ability to walk or run
long distances we started a business that
combines our passions.

Kristina Irvin has had dogs for 25 years and has
taught dog agility for nearly 16 years. An
accomplished ultra runner and long time
resident of the South Bay,                                  
Kristina and her dogs  
are a fixture
in the local                                      
neighborhoods and parks.

Amy Burton has had dogs for over 16 years and
is now guardian to Hannah. When Amy
brought Hannah to dog
agility with Kristina a good
friendship was born. Amy
started ultra running shortly
after meeting Kristina and
makes her home in San Jose.

Kim Petersen became a partner in Woofie Walkers
at the start of 2008.  She is a longtime dog
guardian and her current pride and joy is Sydney,
a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  Kim's most
recent animal care experience
included a six year stint at
Madeline's Institure of Pet
Grooming in Santa Clara.  Kim
is a certified prepping and
bathing instructor and enjoys
teaching "Basic Grooming"
classes at several local
community colleges and adult
education centers.  To learn
more about Kim's classes contact her at